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Brentwood Art Unearthed is a fantastic new arts and cultural event that incorporates the popular Brentwood Art Trail.

Brentwood artists, be part of Brentwood Art Unearthed this summer by registering for an open call for artists wanting to exhibit for free across town.

The new arts and cultural event offers a unique showcase for amateur and professional artists in the area and incorporates the popular Brentwood Art Trail. Those successful, as part of the curation process, will benefit from also being able to sell their artwork if they choose. A Brentwood Business Partnership initiative, the inaugural event takes place across various local venues August 31-September 13.

Artists participating will be given a unique showcase for their work with up to three different FREE exhibition opportunities across the borough.

Art lovers Save the Dates!

  • August 31-September 13 - art trail across various venues
  • August 31 - special evening launch. Get tickets here
  • September 1-2 - art exhibition at Baytree Shopping Centre

An open call is curently under way to unearth local art for the event and help the curation process for the initative that is funded by the Brentwood Business Partnership. You can register via, expressing your interest in Brentwood Art Unearthed and the Brentwood Art Trail. You can also contact the event organiser on mobile 07790937123.

Closing date for open call registration is July 10, 2018.

As event planning progresses, Brentwood Art Unearthed and Brentwood Art Trail organisers are keen to also hear from local businesses wanting to sponsor the event and who are not already involved. Opportunities include offering additional retail space to display curated artworks; refreshment provision; and varied joint marketing activities. Contact event organiser Elaine Gale to find out more: 07790937123.


Sun setting over Ingatestone: Amita Benedetti

Sun setting over Ingatestone: Amita Benedetti

Julia Austin - Brenes

Julia Austin - Brenes

Halloween: Dough Flack

Halloween: Dough Flack

Pernilla Igstromm

Pernilla igstromm 5