Brentwood Local Development Plan 

Brentwood Borough Council is preparing a new Local Plan, a key part of the Brentwood’s development plan. This Plan sets out a long term vision for how the Borough should develop over the next 15 years and the Council’s strategy and policies for achieving that vision. The Plan will set out polices, proposals and site allocations to guide future development in the Borough. It will enable the Council to manage growth while protecting key areas. Among other things, the Plan will include policies to deliver:


The Council has made significant progress preparing a new local plan for the borough. We are well on our way to submitting a local plan with timescales showing examination will take place during 2017. The next stage document is due by early 2017, which will include a period of public engagement. Alongside this we expect to prepare a Community Infrastructure Levy charging schedule and adopt alongside local plan timescales. This will also include further stages of public engagement.


Key issue: Managing Growth

The Council’s approach to managing growth aims to keep and enhanceBrentwood’s distinctive qualities. This is built around a growth concept that reinforces the Borough’s distinct physical and spatial characteristics. For more information  

Key issue: Sustainable Communities

One of the overarching principles of the planning system is to support the provision of strong, vibrant and healthy communities through the supply of housing to meet the needs of present and future generations. For more information  

Key Issue: Economic Prosperity

To meet future needs and maintain a competitive successful local economy we will plan for new jobs and new homes. By working with existing businesses through partnerships and attract new businesses by ensuring the Borough remains an attractive place to work. For more information  

Key issue: Environmental Protection and Enhancement

A fundamental aspect of Brentwood’s character is its natural and built environment, central to the unique character which the Plan is in place to protect and enhance. The environment provides the backdrop to our Borough of villages, surrounding settlements with high quality landscape. At the same time the quality of our built environment, which includes several conservation areas and listed buildings, contribute to the feel of the Borough. Fore more information  

Key issue: Quality of Life and Community Infrastructure

A range of issues due to the amount of things that need to be considered when planning for new infrastructure to link communities with various services. The Council is committed to ensuring the quality of life for those who live and work in the Borough is always improving. This needs to be balanced with demand for new people moving into new homes and jobs. For more information